November 22, 2019

Want to show off your Manicure Makeover but struggle with dryness in your hands, cuticles and/or heels? Mile High Moistures’ Oil Blends will provide the ultimate long term moisture seal to commonly dry areas relieving those struggles once and for all!

Living in a place like Colorado, the winters are harsh and our skin can suffer greatly. In return, we were able to formulate a new moisture product line that will add an unparallel moisture seal when using these products on your hands, feet, scalp, and hair.

The Mile High Moisture Brand was created in Colorado by myself Diamond ThaNaiLady and my husband TipThaBarber.

In our professions, we both felt there was a need for a product that will add extra security to our clients’ moisture regimens.

Each formulation is 100% natural and from the earth, which gives each product multiple possible uses. However, each product does have an intended use and when used in the order as described on the physical product, you will begin to retain moisture for longer periods of time to help hasten the healing processes of cracked heels and cuticles, dry or brittle hair and flaky scalps.

Currently, the Hair & Scalp Moisturizers are Exclusively available at Tip’s Barbershop and the Cuticle, Hand and Feet Moisturizers are exclusively available through me, Diamond ThaNaiLady.

If you are struggling with dry hands or feet, these moisturizers are for you! They will definitely have you ready for Summer 2020!

Try Mile High Moistures’ Oil Blends today so you can share your testimony later; We are confident you will love it!

The Mile High Moisture Line will continue to expand as we continue to learn more about each of our customers’ wants and needs and we appreciate each and every ounce of support from all of you every step of the way!

From our hearts to yours,


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