November 22, 2019

Press on Nails in 2020 … Really?


Press-on nails are one of the most amazing additions to my wardrobe.

Not only are you able to get each set completely customized in the actual salon-quality you desire, but you can also remove them for work & other life activities to save and reuse them time and time again!

Keep reading to learn more…

The custom press-on nail sets that you will receive will always be of the same quality and standard of a permanent set done in the salon.

You will be provided with blog entries and videos that will walk you through the selected application and removal processes.

Press-on nails can last anywhere between 1 week and 3 weeks depending on the application process you choose.

If you will be wearing your press-on nails for the weekend only or something similar, you will be able to apply them without glue and still have great adhesion. Truly a win-win!!

Press-on nails are perfect for you if:

You would like to build a collection of all of your unique creations;

If you cannot wear nails for work or other obligations but would like to incorporate the look for a party, special event, wedding, etc.;

Or if even if you like to change your nails often but want more value and less damage from your final result.

There are so many reasons press on nails can be the next best thing to happen to you!

Don’t be afraid to give them a try!

If you are new to wearing press-on nails, please consider subscribing to my mailing list to be updated on new posts about how to apply wear and remove the press on nails, how to care for them for long term use, testimonials and more.

If you already have experience with wearing custom press-on nails and are looking for more design options than what you see currently available on the site, please select the custom set option at check out and send a detailed email regarding your request. Custom sets are aimed to be shipped within 1 week.

Press on Nails create solutions and options for many different people of so many different backgrounds and because they are reusable they create more value in your latest birthday or Christmas themed set!

I am so excited to be building a collection of my own because as a busy nail tech my nails are known to suffer and this is an amazing, amazing solution for me, I just cannot wait :D!

I’d love to exchange NaiLfies! (selfies taken of your nails)

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