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Mile High Moisture – Detox Mask

Bentonite Clay is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, shrink pore $10.0 Add to cart

Mile High Moisture – Coffee Scrub

A hand/foot scrub can help exfoliate the skin while leaving the skin smooth and $10.0 Add to cart

Mile High Moisture – Moisture Mask

Coconut is a multitasking skin-care ingredient, which is why it's included in so $10.0 Add to cart

Mile High Moisture – Butter Balm

This is a true butter balm. It uses three types of butter, instead of oils mixed $10.0 Add to cart

Mile High Moisture – Cuticle Oil

When applied daily the Mile High Moisture Cuticle OIl can be highly effective in $5.0 Add to cart
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